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Sue and Todd Remote Beverage Fund

Missing Sue and Todd? Buy them a beverage! click above!

To deliver money to the Sue and Todd Remote Beverage Fund click on the PayPal button on the right.

Our Mission

The Sue and Todd Remote Beverage Fund is an unregistered not-for-profit organization whose chief aim is provide liquid refreshment for Sue and Todd when they are no longer close enough to enjoy this refreshment in your presence. All funds go directly to beverage purchase - we guarantee a 0% overhead for fund administration purposes. When you give money to the Sue and Todd Remote Beverage Fund all the money goes for beverages, not to high priced lawyers, mercenaries and congressional lobbyists like corrupt beverage funds administered out of Nigeria or Laos.


NOTE: More to show how easy it is to move money around the Net than to really guilt you out of your hard-earned cash, the button on the top-right will allow you to send cash to Todd and Sue, ideally to buy them a beverage when you get just way too lonely. Use this method, as well, to deliver cash to us if you need us to pick up something exotic for you in a faraway place like Bangkok or Red Deer.

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Updated: Apr-20-10
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