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Photo Selections

Herein is a selection of photos. Of things. From various places. And stuff. And make sure to check out the collection of panoramic photos


French Quarter

Ditching Sue and the kids for a couple of hours while we were in New Orleans I wandered through the French Quarter and snapped these in between beer and shopping.

See them here.

Royal Tyrell Museum

A quick Sunday trip to the Royal Tyrell Museum in Drumheller yielded this set of photos - all from the interior of the museum. The lighting on the displays is generally excellent, especially if you push the ISO to 3200.

See them here.

Autumn Sunday

We hit the west part of the city and took pictures in a subdivision under construction, and then decided to drive around to see what else we could see. I especially like the crow photos I caught. All images are treated to look oversaturated on Velvia film stock.

See them here.

Saltspring Island

A smattering of pictures taken around the place my sister's family has on Saltspring.

See them here.


With a selection of Chinese-manufactured plastic animals, mostly borrowed from Kellen, I spent occasional periods over six months taking a series of photos. Of the poses I took, this selection are my favourites.

See them here.


With Sharon, on a morning trip to Sunnyside Garden Centre. All of these photos were taken indoors in the huge warehouse. My favourites are of the bright primary and secondary colours.

See them here.

Calgary Skyline

Over the course of 2 years living on 25th Ave SW with a fabulous view of the Calgary downtown skyline I compiled this collection of photos. All were taken from the same location.

See them here.

Parliament Features

On a trip to Ottawa in '04 we did the obligatory tour of the parliament buildings. This set is of 23 of the 370 gargoyles, carvings and freizes in the main building - selected from a shoot of over 500 images.

See them here.

Prague Elements

When on tour of the old Austro-Hungarian empire with Sue's cousin Sarah we spent 3 days in Prague. In between the bouts of drinking beer at fabulous holes in the wall I took shots of hundreds of architectural elements and feautures. These 21 show a diverse selection.

See them here.


During various travels and shoots I've tried to keep a few of the textures in a pile on their own. This is a smattering of what I've collected.

See them here.

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