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Tall Glass Policies

Want to know about how we handle the data we capture through this site or what our opinions on synthetic fabrics and pork bellies are? This is the place to hang out.

This site and the data it grabs

Every time you visit a Web site it grabs scads of information about your computer and the network it is on. We can also tell useless information like the fact that you've visited web pages before you got to this one (during this browser session). If we were lonely and kept to ourselves too much we might store this information for later perusal at our leisure.

This site may write session information cookies about this site to your hard drive - we do not do anything with these cookies. If this really offends you, you can turn off your JavaScript and Cookies acceptance. If you do it might be quite likely that you'll miss out on some of the fun bits on this site. Your call.

As far as e-mail addresses go, if you sign up for the newsletter (much appreciated if you do) the information is only used by us to send you annoying narcissistic rambles about us having fun in far-away and exotic lands. To be honest, if we felt that our mailing list wasn't something more than a purely random, unorganized bunch of unrelated people we'd probably sell it for whatever we could. Given that no-one wants lists of people with no demographic information and no relation to each other you're pretty safe giving your email address to us.

Unless there is an conspiracy unknown to us, at foot WRT our site, we don't keep any other information about your visit here, and aren't interested in keeping any.

If you're using Tall Glass Greetings, read on.

Tall Glass Greetings

If you are foolhardy enough to send a greeting to someone using the greetings on Tall Glass, you will have to give us 2 email addresses (yours and theirs). We will not for any reason ever give those addresses away to anyone else. Honestly. If you choose to receive notices from us, you may sometime actually receive a notice about changes to the Tall Glass Greetings at sometime in the future. You won't get notices from anyone else. Neither will we expose our list of users to third parties. Honestly.

We will keep your card online for as long as possible (indefinitely) and it will only likely disappear after many months.

Tall Glass and its owners accept no responsiblity for losses resulting from the use of the Tall Glass Greetings system. We're not charging for it's use. Use at your own risk.

Language Use

The language of choice on this site is English. There may be smatterings of other stuff, but with enough context that it makes sense. We will try to use real words and sentences, but since my Beppe reads this we will ration the use of our extensive lexicon of vulgarities.

Contrarianism and Debate

Ever toss out a line like, "Why can't a pregnant woman have a glass of wine with dinner," or "I'm still unconvinced that 'global warming' is the product of mankind's CO2 excesses," and receive acerbic responses like "fascist," "how can you say that?" and "you don't have a clue!" Ever tossed out these types of statements purely to provoke an inane and knee-jerk response from those that can't quite seperate healthy and interesting debate from emotional anger, and done so for entertainment purposes? Do you feel that 'elitism' as a term doesn't have to equal social subjugation and that the concept of 'quality' as a measureable attribute of most things is worth exploring. So do we.


We periodically drop out of our life's mission to personally explore the inside of an air-conditioned movie theatre with a reclining chair, a large Coke and a roll of Mentos. The movie may be as low-brow as Blade II or as intellectually stimulating as The Sweetest Thing. Todd is partial to this list of directors.

How we feel about pork

We generally are of the opinion that if there are other meats available we are slightly more likely to choose them as we are to choose pork as a substantial part of our daily meals. We don't really go in for things like pork puffs, pork rinds, football tough pork knuckles, snouts, pickled feet or bits of slimy ham, though we are partial to a nice bit of heavily smoked and salted strip bacon, especially if served with a chocolate milkshake of at least 24 fluid ounces.

Copyright of content on this site

Unless otherwise noted, all content and design on this site are property of their respective owners, namely Sue and Todd. The content here, writing, pictures, logisitics and data, is available for reuse elsewhere - if you would like to use any of the content here for your purposes you must seek permission from us. Our content may be available free of charge with restrictions for certain uses, but may cost a considerable amount for other purposes. Costs (or lack thereof) will be negotiated at time of contact.

If you use content on this site for your purposes without our express permission you will be invoiced $1,250 for each distinct item you use, with a minimum item charge of 10. Invoices that are not paid within 60 days are subject to a late fee in the amount of 18% per annum. Invoices that are not paid in 90 days will be considered delinquent and will be sent to collections and will most likely be reflected as "poor performance" on your credit report.

E-mail sent to addresses

It would be appreciated if you didn't forward bits of e-mail with titles like "If you don't forward this dreck to 1000 of your friends in the next 15 minutes a small boy in Hoboken will come down with the mumps," or "Angels have visited me and told me to let you know that your right front tire is likely low on air."

We would appreciate all sorts of other stuff sent to us, like letting us know how little Gertrude is doing in math or how your boyfriend of 6 months has a nasty habit of eating glass. Keep in mind, if the note is noticeably larger than about 1 MB it is likely that it will be ignored, never to be read by us or the thousands of people that we spam with fifth hand jollility.

If you do send us email, you agree that we can send email back to you. This returned email will be commensurate with the egregiousness of the one you send us.

Our hidden agenda

Some people believe that everyone has a hidden agenda. We believe that's true. Our agenda is hidden as well. Well hidden. And we're not talking.

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Updated: Apr-20-10
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