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Latitude Temperature Chart

Latitude Temperature Chart V 2.02

Todd has always been curious about the relative latitudes and temperatures of the places he has visited (or plans to visit).

  • Did you know that Glasgow is farther north than Grande Prairie yet has temperature profile more similar to Vancouver?
  • Did you know that even though it's on the coast and as far south as Toronto, Vladivostok has quite extreme weather and is generally as cold or colder than Reykjavik, which is further north than Yellowknife?

If this kind of fabulous factual information doesn't put you to sleep, take a look at the PDF of the aptly titled "Latitude and annual temperature ranges - selected international cities (V 2.02)." - suitable for framing. The cities were chosen based on my personal interest and restrictions of available data.

Next stages for this chart should be a correlation to elevation, thought I haven't figured out how to keep the visual confusion down with another data stream. This next time, I'll have to dig out my copy of The Visual Display of Quantitative Information by Edward R Tufte, and have no excuse as it's on the shelf in the office..

Version History:

  • Version 2.02 - March 14/03
    - The temperature data is no longer sorted by avg temperature, rather it aligns with the corresponding city.
    - A colour differentiation added for coastal versus inland cities.
    - Fahrenheit approximation added to the temperature scale.
    - A table of the data used is available.
    - The recent version reflects helpful comments made by David Nash and touch of impetus by Jason Merrill.
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