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Spooky around the world

Spooky was our mascot and token garden gnome when we yobbed off for a little over a year of travel, sitting around in random places with many different people. Here for your edification is the almost entire collection.

Spooky in suspended animation until he is called on to save the world again......

Spooky spending some pretrip quality time...

Spooky on his way to grind with one of the locals...

Spooky shies away during a forced meeting with Kellen's penguin...

Spooky is seemingly distracted by something in Bruce's hand...

Spooky just happy to be there...

Spooky waiting in the Buick while his brother schmoozes the oldest Johnson girl...

Spooky's short lived career as a US Military recruitment model...

Spooky's famous stint as the polident girl...

Little Spooky with Mommy after a sitting at the Sears Portrait Studio...

Spooky sharing a cocktail with Ella Fitzgerald...

At the springs in Banff

having noodles on Ramkhamhaeng

Counting the minutes until he leaves Khao Sarn

hanging with Sue and Todd's new BKK cell phone

Spooky's AMEX denied at the Oriental

At Bamboo Guest House, Chiang Khong with fellow touristy types

First mate on the Mekong

Dar showing Spooky the winning smile

Lazing on the dock in the Golden Triangle

Sue, Todd and Spooky showing you can transport 3 on a motorbike

Neither yellow nor surprising but still Spooky's fave bottled water

Saved by the railing in Ha Long Bay

Napping in the sail on Ha Long Bay

Picking up an order at the Real Stamp Shop, Ha Noi

Hanging with George at Highland Farm

Enjoying the sea with Todd near Hoi An

Leaving Hue and the desk person at the Minh Binh Hotel

With Due and Sue on the KWSSC last day

Hanging for dinner in Mae Salong with Sa-gniam and Oil

Getting comfortable on the 999 from Mae Sod

Having a beer at KCB in Mae Sod

getting nervous over the Olympic Men's Hockey Final

Having a beer on Pat Pong

Playing "the fancy road kill game" near Chiang Rai

In the Mekong Delta enjoying the scenes

Hanging with the locals on Kood Island

Captain of a Thai Police boat

Feeling very Catholic in Macau

Looking at the HK skyline

The fabulous Me at Bamboo in Chiang Khong

Jib and Daew keeping Spooky well fed at Bamboo

Spooky with Jon and girls in Mae Salong

Soaking up the view above Mae Salong

Spooky and groupies at Santikiri High

Sitting back with Ceppy after Java in Java

A vicious attack by a small furry man with a tail

On the glass bottom in Nusa Dua

Spooky is very brand loyal

Negotiating the price of nutmeg in Bali

Spooky hanging out with the beauties of Angkor

Sue propping up Spooky on the steps of Angkor Wat

Peung getting a hand in the kitchen of the Ayutthaya Guest House

The exceptional ladies of Bad Habit Bar, Krabi

with Kim and Becca at the Coughing Dog

Hanging at Bim's wedding with Bomb, Sue, Dan and Dear

In the VIP section...

Working cooperatively with Sue at Todd at the CIDA office Phnom Penh

Spooky guarding Todd's hog riding equipment

With the lovely lady from the Coughing Dog

enjoying the attention of a dinner party at Jo Joke

After a hard night out with Eddy, Jimmy, Scott and Todd

With Fon and her parents in Nong Khai

Spooky learning that taunts can be dangerous

Saunder and Lee looking Spooky over

Seth, Kathy and Dan eating dinner with Spooky

Napping with Todd

Bryan, Toey and Derek at a last Shiller's dinner

Bill and Laurel corrupting Spooky with the death weed

Bier, Sue and Spooky spending an intimate moment

Anne Marie enjoying the ride with Spooky

Relaxing near someone's butt on a Danish bean bag chair

Finding a new friend in Ella

Fishing while napping

After polishing off a big bottle of Leo

Jon in Maesalong with Spooky and some new frineds

Resting at My Son in Viet Nam

Captain of the police boat, at least until the captain comes back

Adrian and Charlotte and the VE sign

Alex teaching Spooky how to dive

Spooky in a Bertie and Al group hug thing

Spooky sharing a remote moment with Betty's mom

Brad, Mary and the Spooky hoover

Spooky in the booze again, this time with an accomplice

Spooky fighting Brooker for the pint

Bruce and Lys and Spooky watching the Juniors

The incredulous Cam Waldie and the Spooky Summit

Crowd surfing at the latest Mortorhead gig

Darren who does not like Pho Pasteur and Spooky

Spooky and the guy from Metallica

Dean and the choke hold that took Spooky out

Deane and his unsuccesful attempt to steal Spooky

Wow! Denise and Spooky

Doug Brown and the attempted kidnapping

Spooky hiding from the camera whilst Doug poses

Fred, Laurie, Brian and an ignored Spooky

hidden by the camera hogs James and Karen

Calvin ignores all attempts by Jen to introduce Spooky

Jen the host making Spooky fart

Jerry and the Spooky drowning

Marcus and the 2 headed Spooky

Jill can;t believe she's actually meeting him

Jo, Jeremy, Patrick and Spooky

Ryan and Kellan trying to hide behind Spooky

Kirk the freak and his lovely wife Tracy and Spooky

Marie really is that excited to meet Spooky

Mike Mc and Tracy scaring the crap out of Spooky

Spooky and Nat sitting at the bar

Phil and Serita and Spooky sharing a quiet moment

Spooky stomping heads with Russ and Sarah

Spooky affectionately hanging with Sandra

Sarah and a bad Spooky fetish

Spooky posing with the local Calvin Klein underware model

Shelley and Spooky not talking

Smelly and Spooky in a private moment

Sue and Spooky sharing a moment with Bradley Arnst

Timmy's toothy grin and a haggard Spooky

Todd, Kim and a swell time

Spooky and the foot problem

Spooky in his element

Tom trying unsuccesfully to take Spooky home

Spooky, Todd and the proprietor of a local Dalgellau B&B

Spooky enjoying the view of the ocean in gale force winds from Harlech Castle in Wales

Harriet, Andrew and Spooky enjoying the sofa at Harriet's

After a late dinner, Spooky lets the food settle in Harriet's garden

Sue and Spooky posing on Ironbridge in Ironbridge

Spooky examining the gilt on the bed in the B&B

Spooky, Alan and his wife - proprietors of the lovely guest house outside Ironbridge

Sue and Spooky admiring the ruins at Strogonium

Spooky on the early afternoon train to Newcastle

Enjoying the lovely weather at the Welsh seaside in January

Teesside netball and their mascot

Teesside netball and their mascot

Enjoying time with the staff at Blackie Boy in Newcastle

Trying to get some soul being close to the double threat - not just Jesus but holy too!

Sue dipping into Spooky's brain on the train

At Twice Brewed near Housesteads

Paul, Hillary and Sarah forced to pose with Sue and Spooky

Tom trying to figure out what kind of sealant Spooky needs

Spooky relaxing beside the ancient Roman pool in Bath

Spooky and Todd pleased to be in Hinton and safe drivers

Spending the night on the dresser at Robert and Jeans

Robert, MD Centrereed, pleasantly and forcefully posing with Spooky

Jean not really wanting to be involved with Spooky or Robert

Matt feeling some of the Spooky love

Spooky enjoying the Murphy's at the Abbey Bar

Spooky having pints with the gang at Connie Doolan's in Cobh, County Cork

Spooky op de fiets

Spooky blending at St. Baafs in Gent

In the Wierenga living room with Pieternel


With Thomas and Tomas at the Gamefederation world HQ

Spooky negotiating the fare in Stockholm

In the home of Thomas and Cydney

Viking stone and groopies in Uppsala

Hanging around the Volvo with the creepy plate number

With Marten and his angelic halo

In his glass

Reading the tea leaves

Spooky kidnapped by Rolf outside the Goud Kantoor

Spooky in the bar in Schiermonnikoog just before the disappearance

The final photo of Spooky 1

Pulling pints with bartender at the Old Boathouse, Schiermonnikoog

Attempting to snatch a keg at the Murphy's brewery

Lucie and the case of the Spooky that wasn't there...
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