How to be listed in the E-mail-zines list

Try the new request form for submitting your zine!

If your browser is not forms capable e-mail is fine. Send the info required to me at

Listing Criteria

I'll list anything if it meets these criteria. The criteria are:

  1. The item should be a zine or a newsletter, meaning some sort of publication,
  2. The item has to be available via e-mail, no exceptions, (there are much better lists for all zines out there than I could put together), but there is no specified format; it does not have to be text.

Thats it! I try to put the new items in every week, but sometimes (if I'm outa town) it can take up to two. Thanks for your patience.

Include (if you can):

An under 10 line description of your zine, list or journal topic
Frequency of publication
Instructions on how to subscribe by e-mail
Instructions on how to access the same info on the Web, by FTP, Gopher etc.
A list of contacts including e-mail addresses
anything else you think is important

A category (preferably from the main page list) As well if you think I'm a bit of a bastard for listing your mailer and I shouldn't, send me mail and I'll get rid of it quick like a swallow with a tail wind.

And just so you know: I have no partisan slant and will do no editing to your item, I won't tell you can't be listed because of content. If possible please provide all the text you'd like to see posted, I'd prefer not to screw up your thoughts ;-)


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