Setting Up E-mail-zines

L-Soft international, Inc. at set up your own auto-mailer and mail list manager for UNIX, Windows, VMS and VM


Use Starting Point to search for zines

Other E-mail Zine Resources

Searching For Internet Digests and Mailing Lists on the Search Page

Conventions etc.

Check out the 3rd Annual Underground Press Conference (this time with the Independent Comic Exposition)

WWW e-zine/'zine/publishing Resources

if you have a e-zine related source on the internet let me know an I'll add you to this list.

FactSheet Five The bible of zines! If these guys don't have it, it's very hard to find.
John Labovitz's e-zine list Over 400 e-zines available by WWW, FTP, Gopher, e-mail etc.! The best e-zine list on the net. Also available via gopher://
Zines Zines Everywhere Chip's on-line guide to electronic publishing.
Virtual Ink: A Highly Opinionated Guide
Yahoo internet newsletters
Indexes to Zines an index of indexes to zines, 45 at last count!
The Electronic NewsstandOnline Magazine: Guides to zines on the Web
Hermit's Electronic Publishing Page
FeMiNa - Publications
E-zine Reviews A companion to John Labovitz's e-zine list.
Newsletters, Journals and Zines on WWW
E-Mail Newsletters A small listing of e-mail newsletters at Electronic Journals Your guide to the chaotic world of independent publishing.
Point Zine Reviews
AOL zine guide
Punk Zines Directory of Punk/Hardcore Zines on The Net
Aether Madness: Zines
Otis' E-Zines Page
CITR Broadband Services: Interesting Links a collection of selected interesting internet media links.
The Copyright Website! copyright info!
CIC-2 Industry News a list of technical and other information newsletters
Ejournal SiteGuide : Zines
Resources for Zine Fans
CRN Across the Web: Books & Magazines
TST - Newspapers
>Journals and Newsletters
Electronic Journals

Reciprocal Links

Art Deadlines List
The Cicero Club
Online Literature References maintained by Art on the Net
!jimbo.Land! center for gay culture and community
CafeNet Coin-Op Internet
WSFP-TV - The Faculty Lounge

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