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The Adventurer's Companion

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If you like role-playing magazines, you'll love The Adventurer's Companion. It's the best of the bunch. New spells, stories, magic items, puzzles, adventures, product reviews, etc.. The Adventurer's Companion is an electronic magazine (or e-zine for you net-heads) focusing on Fantasy Role-Playing Games. Although the focus is generally centered around the fantasy genre, we will include articles on any type of RPG.

Frequency of Publication: 4 to 5 times yearly

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Notes: The Adventurer's Companion is NOT free, We require that each subscriber send in 1 FREEWARE contribution per year as a subscription fee - and we require it up front. We edit and collate these writings into nice, neat issues, and EMail them right to your mailbox. Subscriber contributions are our ONLY source of articles.
This magazine is a great way for role-players to exchange ideas and creations. Almost every role-player has thought up some new type of rule or gaming system, or has some idea they would like to share with other players and GMs. You will be able to read the ideas of many other gamers, and share your ideas with them.

Descriptive Keywords: Games RPG

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