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Chronicles of Chaos is a monthly magazine electronically distributed worldwide via the Internet. Chronicles of Chaos focuses on all forms of brutal music; from Thrash to Death to Black Metal, we have it all. Each issue will feature interviews with your favorite bands and written from the perspective of a true fan. Each issue will also include record reviews and previews, concert reviews and tour dates, as well as various happenings from the metal scene worldwide.

Frequency of Publication: Monthly

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Notes: Interested in being reviewed? Send us your demo and a bio to:
CHRONICLES OF CHAOS, 57 Lexfield Ave, Downsview Ont. M3M-1M6, Canada
Fax: (416) 693-5240 Voice: (416) 693-9517

All back issues and various other CoC related files are available for automatic retrieval through our e-mail fileserver. All you have to do is send a message to us at The 'Subject:' field of your message must read: "send file X" where 'X' is the name of the requested file. Back issues are named 'coc-n', where 'n' is the issue number. For a description of all files available through this fileserver, request 'list'. Remember to use lowercase letters for all file names. If you experience any problems or are having difficulty, feel free to e-mail us the usual way at Descriptive Keywords: Music Reviews

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