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DargonZine is an electronic magazine (ISSN 1080-9910) that prints original medieval fantasy stories written by aspiring Internet writers. It is the publication vehicle of the Dargon Project, a collaborative writing group where authors write in a common milieu, sharing settings and characters. The project was founded to allow aspiring writers on the Internet to meet and become better writers through mutual contact and collaboration. DargonZine only prints stories which take place in this setting. DargonZine is the successor of FSFnet, which was the Dargon Project's original magazine. Between FSFnet and DargonZine, we have been continually producing collaborative fantasy ficton since 1985 and are the longest-running electronic magazine on the Internet.

Frequency of Publication: Irregular (3-8 issues/year)

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Contact Information All correspondence to


Descriptive Keywords: SF Science Fiction Fantasy Prose

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