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DENDRITE was formed as a one-way low-volume (about once a week or so) way to broadcast actions people can take for human rights in the "mental health" system.
Examples: * Fighting USA Medicare funding of forced electroshock (also known as electroconvulsive therapy" or "E.C.T.") against the expressed wishes of the subject. * Breaking the silence about "Involuntary Outpatient Commitment." This is court-ordered forced psychiatric drug injections of people living at home, or the homeless, out in the community. A drug-company front group is pushing for I.O.C. for 100,000 homeless, and 1,000,000 Americans in general. These human rights alerts are from Support Coalition, an independent alliance of grassroots groups in USA, Canada, UK, and New Zealand. Support Coalition publishes Dendron News.

Frequency of Publication: About one per week

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Contact Information Owner: David Oaks, Support Coalition Co-coordinator -
PO Box 11284 Eugene, Oregon 97440-3484 USA

Notes: Also, within our web site, we have excerpts from our hard-copy newspaper, Dendron.

Descriptive Keywords: Human Rights Mental Health Activist

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