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Electric Dreams

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Electric Dreams is an email newsletter devoted to sharing and exploring dreams. It was started by me (Chris) some time in late winter or early spring of 1994. The main reason it was started was because after only one week of trying to read the USENET newsgroup, "alt.dreams", I had become fed up with all the unrelated material involving UFOs and other odd things. I posted a note to the newsgroup, basically asking for a pen pal to talk about dreams with. What followed was a near flood of email from other people who felt the same as me. A vote was taken, and something similar to the current newsletter format was established.

Frequency of Publication: about twice a month

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Contact Information Comments, dreams etc. or

Notes: Electric Dreams is an independent electronic publication not affiliated with any other organization. The views of our commentators are personal views and not intended as professional advise or psychotherapy.

Descriptive Keywords: Dreams

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