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The E-Mail Club is the very best way for you to make contacts all over the world by means of your computer. Members are waiting to hear from you in Ireland, France, Germany, England, Australia, Fiji, Hawaii, Alaska, and throughout the continental USA. Browse the huge Membership Directory to find persons who share your interests.

Frequency of Publication: Monthly

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Other Access Points:

Contact Information or CompuServe: 74167,1004 - or
America On-Line: EmailClub - or
Microsoft Network: EmailClub - or
Delphi: EmailClub - or
Prodigy: KFGL21A -

Notes: The only cost is a ONE-TIME dues of ten dollars. Compared to both the investment in equipment as well as on-line time saved in "chat" rooms, forums, etc, this is a small amount. There are no monthly dues. This one-time amount, paid by all incoming members, pays the monthly expenses of the Club and enables it to grow for everyone's benefit. The E-Mail Club is NOT an "adult" (sexually-focused) type of service.

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