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eZONE is a free monthly News & Features Journal for Macintosh users in the Benelux Region (and other Dutch speaking people all over the world). It is in Dutch (with some features in English from international contributors) and is available in both on-line and off-line editions. The off-line edition is available via automated email, once a month. It is sent as a compressed HTML document, with regularly used graphical elements sent the first time only. Later editions of eZONE can then make use of the existing layout elements, whilst remaining small in the mail (40k-50k). The off-line edition includes news, reviews, events diary, Help section, editorials, regular columists and special features.

Frequency of Publication: monthly

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Notes: The on-line website includes all of the off-line version and has aditional features, expanded articles, archives and a buy/sell 'market' area. The news area is updated daily.

Descriptive Keywords: Dutch Macintosh Software Hardware

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