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FPP is a biweekly publication descended from a hardcopy series that was created three decades ago,patterned after the Elizabethan broadside, and now to be discovered on the Web. FPP's purpose has always been to offer space for folks who may only write one poem in a lifetime, or are emerging poets, or aging ones--but space to share the gift of the ir imagination with others, who may-or-may-not-know-if-they like poetry. Poetry has two sides, one belonging to the poet, one belonging to the reader. FPP brings the two into partnership.

Frequency of Publication: biweekly

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Contact Information Hayward F. Allen, editor:
phone/fax 520.284.9119; snailmail: 80 House Rock Road, Sedona, AZ 86351

Notes: Those who would like to send a poem to FPP are invited to do so, following these guidelines: because the FPP Home Page is one page, poetry should be no longer than thirty-two lines. Some editions will publish one poem, while another will have space allowing two or three poems. Content is up to the poet, and while publication is up to the editor the purpose of FPP is to send as many new poems out as space and time allow. The biweekly editions will be sent email and be published on the FPP Home Page. At the end of each year, an free anthology of the FPP works will be printed and sent to each poet.

Descriptive Keywords: Poetry

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