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"INTERMIX SF/FANTASY ONLINE" (ISSN 1079-8927) is the publication of original works by new authors in the speculative science and fantasy fiction genres, and hosts the INTERMIX SF/FANTASY FORUM weekly on the Internet Relay Chat (IRC). Published and distributed via the Internet by electronic mail ("email"), the basic annual rate is $12.00 (USD) for 12 issues, with a special 1995 charter rate of just $9.00 (USD).

Frequency of Publication: Weekly

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Contact Information

Notes: Every Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thusday Night Starting at 10:00 pm EST (USA)

The INTERMIX Forum is currently held on the IRC. To join, access the IRC from your Internet Service Provider. Once connected, join the forum by typing the command: /join #intermix

Descriptive Keywords: SF Science Fiction Fanatasy Prose

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