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LETRALIA, Land of Letters

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LETRALIA, Tierra de Letras, es una revista literaria dedicada a divulgar el trabajo intelectual de los escritores latinoamericanos dentro y fuera de Internet. Agradecemos comentarios, criticas o contribuciones literarias a - JORGE GOMEZ JIMENEZ - Editor

LETRALIA, Land of Letters, is a literary review dedicate to divulge the intellectual work of the Latinamerican writers, in & out of the Internet. LETRALIA is produced by Jorge Gomez Jimenez. We're inviting you to go with us in our rides through of the Land of Letters: an Internetic country where the population is a lot of readers and writers of the actual literature in Spanish. LETRALIA, Land of Letters, is a literary review with biweekly issues (the first and the third Monday of each month), in whose pages walk, in a common territory, the tale, the poetry, the essay, the dramatic arts, the cultural news and another stuff that have to do with the creation's world. We receive stuff, in Spanish language, from Latinamerican writers around the world, with or without access to the Net. LETRALIA, Land of Letters, is free of charge and is published in ASCII. Our first issue was published in May 20, 1996. Since our 8th issue, we've our own homepage! (see below)

Frequency of Publication: biweekly

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Contact Information JORGE GOMEZ JIMENEZ:,

Notes: If you wish see your own stuff published in LETRALIA, Land of Letters, just must write to, the Jorge Gomez Jimenez's e-mail. Then, he will send you the text named "Como publicar en LETRALIA" (How to publish in LETRALIA).

Descriptive Keywords: Reviews Literature Spanish

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