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Logs of JD Flora

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'Logs of JD Flora' - an e-mail SciFi/NewAge/Fantasy sequel. Not too long ago, the files now known as the 'Logs of J.D.Flora' appeared under some rather strange circumstances on the computer network of a Los Angeles computer scientist. These 'Logs' are a mixture of science fiction, prose, and rather technical instructions of a mysterious computer program to the not always heroic hero, J.D.Flora, whose insights and outsights are being revealed in the process. The individual episodes are short stories, conclusive in itself and therefore perfectly suited as an e-mail sequel. They are sent out at the rate of approximately one every two days.

Many different subjects and questions are mentioned in the 'Logs':
Whole-Systems, New Age philosophies, Buddhist ideas, Holographical and Parallel Universes, Synergetics, General Semantics, to name a few.

Web pointers are inserted in the text at places where references are made to specific areas of knowledge which are represented on the net, making the 'Logs' a source of interesting but often rarely known resources on the 'net. The Los Angeles computer expert eventually decided to make these files available via e-mail, and here it is!

Frequency of Publication: every second day

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Contact Information Administratress of the 'Logs' is: Maria Loren


Descriptive Keywords: SF Science Fiction Fantasy Prose Serial

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