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Netsurfer Digest

E-zine Description:

Netsurfer Digest is your guide to interesting news, places, and resources online. Each week it brings you short, crisp newsbytes, notices, and reviews designed to provide an informative and entertaining snapshot of the vast wired world. Periodically you can also expect to see special longer features, a letters to the editor section, and possibly special bulletins about significant breaking stories (e.g. imminent death of the Internet)

Frequency of Publication: Up to Twice Weekly

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Contact Information Netsurfer Communications,

Notes: Netsurfer Digest is published by Netsurfer Communications Inc., a small company of netsurfers interested in creating interesting and innovative products via the online medium. We also provide consulting services for businesses interested in creating an online presence or distributing products online in an ethical, responsible, and effective manner.

Descriptive Keywords: Technology Internet

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