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"Project McLuhan" is the result of over a decade of work and preparation to update and revitalize the work of the late Dr. Marshall McLuhan; to develop insights and projections involving the interface between culture and technology for the 1990's -- and beyond. Our resources include the top McLuhan scholars on the planet, as well as the original McLuhan Archives. Nelson Thall, former McLuhan archivist for the University of Toronto, is Director of McLuhan Research For the Center For Media Sciences and former president of the Marshall McLuhan Center For Global Communications. Mr. Thall was Dr. McLuhan's assistant for a number of private consulting and research projects that Dr. McLuhan undertook during his career.

Frequency of Publication: ~ 1.5 times per month

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Notes: "Even mud gives the illusion of depth" -- MARSHALL McLUHAN
This is a moderated low-traffic list, with (on average) 1.5 postings a month. We will undertake to release new material especially for this list as well as older material provided it was not originally prepared for private patrons. Special emphasis will be paid to marketing, advertising, communication theory, the effects of unbridled technology on culture, alternative media, and the use of humour as a focus for social grievance. You will not be bored.

Descriptive Keywords: Technology Communication Politics Culture Reviews

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