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Quanta - ISSN 1053-8496

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The award-winning online fiction journal, specializing in Science Fiction and Fantasy.
Since 1989, Quanta has been publishing new, fresh fiction from amateur and professional writers from around the world and across the Net. Currently, Quanta goes out to over 2500 subscribers world-wide. In 1992, Quanta garnered runner up in the Digital Publishing Association's "Digital Quill Awards". This year, Quanta is even better, with a higher standard of fiction than ever before, not to mention artwork and design.

Frequency of Publication: Monthly

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Contact Information
for questions and submissions

Notes: Quanta is published as "shareword." It is supported solely by reader donations. If you read and enjoy Quanta, please send $5 to the postal address below to help cover the costs of production. Checks may be made out to Daniel Appelquist. Donation is not a requirement for subscription, but all donations are greatly appreciated.

1509 R. St NW, Apartment 3
Washington, D.C. 20009

Descriptive Keywords: SF Science Fiction Fantasy Prose

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