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"Seidman's Online Insider" is a weekly summary of the major events in the big consumer online service industry. Coverage is geared towards the big five- America Online, CompuServe, Delphi, GEnie and Prodigy. Coverage is also given to other online services and services that have not been released yet that will play a major role in the online service industry once they are released (i.e, Interchange and the Microsoft Network).

Frequency of Publication: Weekly

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Contact Information Robert Seidman

Notes: Since I write the newsletter, I could take all the credit, but I could never have gotten the e-mail list automated without the help of Clark Internet Services (Clarknet) and L-Soft International! ClarkNet provides Internet access in Baltimore, MD., Washington, D.C. and the surrounding suburbs. Clarknet is the first "Deaf Owned" Internet provider and was founded by Jamie Clark. They've gone from about 80 users since I first joined to almost 2500. For information on ClarkNet send e-mail to

Descriptive Keywords: Technology Internet On-Line

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