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SF-LOVERS (a network tradition for over 10 years) has discussed many topics, all of them related in some way to the theme of science fiction or fantasy. The topics have ranged very widely from rewritten stories, SF and fantasy books, SF movies, and SF conventions to reviews and discussions of books, movies and television shows. The range of topics is quite wide and anyone is welcome to submit material on these or other topics of interest in this general area.

Frequency of Publication: when warranted. 3-6 times per week

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Notes: Although each issue of the Digest is separated into different topics, it is not possible to get only the "Films" digests, or only the "Books" digests, or any other combination. The Digest is a magazine, and like any other magazine you might subscribe to, sometimes the issue is uninteresting and you simply discard it.

Descriptive Keywords: SF Reviews Movies Music Books

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