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A personal look at whatever seems to strike me. Good stuff, bad stuff, in-between stuff that i don't understand. Other peoples stuff is included if anyone cares to send me something.

Frequency of Publication: Monthly till i get bombarded with email.

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Notes: Accepting submissions for poetry, short stories, essays, interesting stuff. No pics please. Use the following subject lines for submissions..., Submission Poetry (for poetry of course), Submission Fiction (for short stories) Submission Other (for other stuff). Nothing is case sensetive. You will be added to the subscription list automatically unless you state that you do not wish to subscibe in the body of the mail. (please put this prior to the submission.) Your submission will still be considered. Submission of origional works only. Submission means you want us to publish your work. If you change your mind, you better let us know before the issue is published. We only want one-time electronic rights to anything you submit. However, it is up to the author to make sure that rights haven't been assigned to someone else.

Descriptive Keywords: Personal Poetry Prose

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