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Trips, Jaunts and Long Afternoons

On this page you'll see some of the travels of Sue Fraser-Kuipers and Todd Kuipers and Augustus Kuipers and Marijka Kuipers, laid out with lovely visuals and prose. Take a look around and let us know what you think.


We've updated our selection of composite panorama shots on the site for you to look at - Over 200 now available for your viewing pleasure.

North America

Spending more time in Canada means more mini (ok, up to 10 and 12 day) and day trips around North America

West Coast 2007

A coupla months after Marijka was born we hauled out and hit the west coast of Vancouver Island and the Olympic Pennisula.

Hawaii 2005

For Todd's Dad's 60th birthday we all went to Maui and hung about doing things in Hawaii. In these photos, Sue is quite pregnant with Gus.

CO & WY 2004

Another short trip out to see Debi and family for her wedding in 2004.

Ottawa 2004

Short trip out to visit MTB and attend David and Tracy's wedding.

New York

A longish weekend in NYC before heading home.

Colima State - 2009

A week in Santiago, just outside Manzanillo in Colima, Mexico. We've been twice, and we will go back. Long strands, a quiet town, Mexico's biggest port, a smoking volcano, a 300 year old historic town - makes for lots to do.

Mississippi Tour - 2008

We headed down to attend Todd's cousin's wedding in Lousiana and then spent a few more days driving up along the Mississippi before staying with relatives in Hot Springs Village, AR.

Oregon Coast and Portland - 2008

We headed down with Sue's family and stayed near the sand in Cannon Beach. We had the chance to visit with some of Sue's relatives from the UK who happened to be close by. This trip was also a dry run for the now-famous Portland walking brew tour.

San Francisco - 2010

On the occasion of our 20th wedding anniversary, we headed to San Francisco with Sue's brother, met up with our partner Derek and Shaun, and proceeded to stay out of trouble for the entire weekend.

Portland - 2009

On the occasion of Todd's 40th birthday, we took a big crew down to Portland to hang about, visit the city and do a very swell walking beer tour of the ultimate beer town. We did enjoy the beer. And the town. And the people.

BC West Coast - 2010

We headed out west on the road to visit with relatives, attend my aunt's wedding and hang about the islands.

Nipika - 2009

We took a few days in the fall to hang about at the best mid-country lodge in the rockies - Nipika. The weather was great and the sky clear enough for some excellent night shots.

Lake O'Hara - 2007

Within a couple of weeks of Gus being born we had the chance to stay at Lake O'Hara Lodge for a couple of nights on the last weekend of the summer season.

Lake O-Hara - 2010

We headed out with Shelley and Brian to stay at Lake O'Hara Lodge for a couple of nights and do some wandering around. Was fabulous as usual.

Southern Alberta - 2009

When Todd's cousin Krista comes to visit we feel obliged to bring to touristy spots that are not in the mountains. This is from one such trip

Waterton Lake - 2003

We headed out camping with Mike and Claudia to Lake Waterton National Park. The colour in the photos is from smoke - there was a significant forest fire near the park.

Alberta Rockies - 2003

Shortly after moving back to Calgary from Bangkok, we borrowed a vehicle and did a run from Calgary through Banf and Jasper and back, stopping in the town Todd lived in when born and the town that had the nearest hospital, that is named on his birth certificate.

BC and Washington Coast - 2007

We did a whirlwind trip from Calgary, to the coast, Vancouver Island and Saltspring, then down to the Olympic pennisula to stay on the beach in Pacific City.

Hawaii Landcapes - 2008

When Todd's mom turned 60 a whole boatload of people went to the Big Island to hang out with her. Todd and Sue drove around the whole island and quite enjoyed ourselves.

Hawaii People - 2008

And here are some of those people


While we don't get over to visit relatives nearly as often as we'd like here's a few shots and blather from some trips over there...

Austria 2004

We needed a quick trip Central Europe with a stint in Austria. Taking a quick flight to Salzburg we toodled our way to Vienna then to Slovakia and Budapest and then back again.

Brastilava 2004

From Vienna we did a very (very) short drive across the river and over the border to Bratislava.

Budapest 2004

Quickly down from Bratislava we hoofed down the motorway and into Hungary and on to Budapest.

Prague 2004

Back up to Vienna and then onto the train we landed in Prague for a fabulous few days of beer and wandering.

UK #1 2004

We jumped over to visit Sue's family on the occasion of the wedding of her cousin Harriet to Andrew and did some wandering about the regular parts of the UK.

UK #2 2004

And then back over from Prague we hung about in other regular spots in the UK.

West & North UK

This trip through the west, into Wales, the Lake District, the North East, Yorkshire and London was loads of fun and took 12 days.

South & West UK

This trip was to Bath and around Salisbury and was frantically paced. Three day trip this time.

Ireland, Cork & West

Like it says, a little touch of southern and western Ireland.

Stockholm & environs

Even in "crappy" weather this place stood out as a jewel.

Netherlands, NE

super duper trip here, with such a fabulous family, Todd's of course.

Belgium, Flanders

Pretty impressive stuff in the land of beer variety.


Over the past many years we've been to Thailand, Cambodia, Laos (for a beer run), Vietnam, Indonesia (including Java for java), Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and a couple of other stops.


Sue and Todd and Gus were lucky enough to stop over in Taipei from Thailand the last time we went.

Thailand with Gus

Just 6 months after the wee boy was born we had the chance to visit Thailand again and explore familiar and new places.

The Gulf

Scott and Todd take a 2 day ride to the Gulf of Thailand.

The Kingdom

Travel with us through Thailand on the Smiling Albino Siamese Dream.

Nong Khai

Sue travels with Fon into the wilds of Isan to visit Nong Khai and miss the Bang Fai.


Sue and Harriet escapade in Ayutthaya, Thailand's jaw dropping old capital, sacked by the Burmese over 200 years ago.

Sri Lanka

Loaded full of loads of fab sites and tasty food, Sri Lanka was a real joy to visit. We were lucky to be there during a few month cease fire.


The land of 2000 years of Khmers, from Poi Pet to Siem Riep to Phnom Pehn to Sihanoukville.

Hua Hin 1

A Thai focused resort town south of Bangkok, Todd was in Hua Hin as a helper on a Bangkok radio station contest.

Hua Hin 2

More Hua Hin - this time with Harriet and Sue for a long weekend getaway.

Jon in the Kingdom

Jon Bartlett came to spend a few weeks with us in Thailand, up north and in Bangkok.

Mae Salong

Photos and captions from our 3 week stint in Mae Salong volunteer teaching.

Kood Island

Kood Island Resort - very close yet far enough away - a fabulous weekend getaway.

Hong Kong

Crazy times in a crazy place with crazy people. Ok, Hong Kong might be only slight crazy...


Todd and Sue lived here for a year and enjoyed most every minute of Bangkok.

Viet Nam

Viet Nam from south to north and a few spots in between.


An island, physically and theologically, Bali is small adventure.

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