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Europe - Trip 7

Not exactly part of Europe, but as part of the trip to Europe, New York is included here. Todd didn't want to spend the time making a whole new section just for this 3 day stop...

We spent a delightful 3 days here with Bomb, the inestimable Mr. Sindhuseka, the man with the nickname you do not utter in airports. His hospitality was excellent, driving us places, letting us stay over and overall being just fab to hang out with. Saw many things here including the standard bits and made treks to the Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, the hole where the 2 towers were and the American Natural History Museum.

We won't segregate the info here into days just lay out the photos gallery style.

The Photos

Empire State from Brooklyn Bridge

Lower Manhatten from Brooklyn Bridge

Statue of Liberty from Brooklyn Bridge

The obligatory pic of Times Square

The Fat Dog and friends -
Crazy Cat and Rotund Grumpy Man at the ANHM

Todd reliving parts of his childhood

Todd eating a hotdog from Gray's Papaya

Enjoying the sun on Broadway and 78th

The Path train station and Sue

The bull of wall street

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