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Bali was a very interesting place to visit. Since Bali is the last solid vestige of Indonesian (and mostly Javan) Hinduism, it provided a window into the culture that dominated much of this archipeligo and large portions of SE Asia for hundreds of years.

We found it extremely difficult not to be treated like walking bags of money to be randomly and vociferously exploited, while at the same time the depth of culture and artistry on the island took our breath away. Given that the average annual salary in Indonesia is about $200US, it's not surprise that people saw us as solid targets - on one 3 day trip we spent $90US on a driver.

We don't have loads of specifics on places and things to visit like in Vietnam or a daily diary like when we were in Europe, but we do have some great photos and captions to go with them. To view these photos in handy pop-up windows, simply click once on any of the place dots below - you'll get a menu listing the photos for the area. You can then simply choose the photo you wanna see. (I've tried something new with this - let me know if you have trouble.)

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Updated: Apr-20-10
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